Discovering Hygge in Montauk

Montauk Manor, NY
Here it is.  This may be the word that changes everything for me.  The word “mindfulness” seemed to work and attracted a lot of attention but the thing I have been grappling for has a different name.  And that name is hygge.  There is no exact, English equivalent to the Danish term.  “Cozy” comes close but hygge is more than just a fuzzy pair of socks. Hygge describes an intense level of contentment, comfort, connectedness, and most importantly, gratitude.  Hygge is not, however, about excess, or accomplishment.  Based on my readings, it is mindfulness at it’s best; the appreciation of a moment.

During a two day vacation in Montauk with the boyfriend, I have been meditating on this term, deciding what it means specifically to me, and searching for the hygge in every experience.  In short, being mindful about “hyggeness.”

A little too chilly for the boyfriend…
It started this morning.  I woke up and drew back the curtains of our cozy suite revealing a picture-perfect sunrise.  Warm, fresh coffee in hand, I braced myself against the chilly, April morning by wrapping myself in a blanket.  Sanford smiled over at me and for a while we just sat in silence, appreciating the serenity.  For breakfast, we opted for a cozy little spot in town.  Upon opening the door, the smell of hash browns, eggs, and waffles enveloped us like a hug.  We were seated in the center of the place and I couldn’t help but notice the amount of small children there with their families.  It was heartwarming.  The vibe was sleepy, serene, and, well, “cozy.”  On first bite of my veggie omelet, I acknowledged the thoughts swirling in my head and focused on the moment.  Mindfulness plus hygge equals bliss…


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